Turbo 700 Transmission For Sale

The Turbo TH700 (700R4) Transmission is a 4 speed over drive automatic GM transmission 

Total Performance has in stock the Turbo 700 Transmission for sale in Australia. The GM T700 transmission was made between 1982-1992 and found in the VN VP V8 Commodores. The Turbo 700 Transmission, is a four speed automatic gearbox and the 4th gear is an overdrive with a 30% increase, while the first gear is lower than the TH350. This results in better off the line acceleration while maintaining highway cruise comfort. This extra low first and overdrive makes the T700 Transmission a popular conversion for early Holden V8 Commodore swaps and upgrades. Another advantage of the T700 Transmission is because the T700 gearbox is not electronically controlled which makes for less effort for installation & set up. The Turbo 700 transmission is controlled by a "TV" cable that acts like a throttle position sensor/Kick down, which can be initially difficult to set up and get right. The 700R4 can be modifed to a full manual, reverse pattern opperation. An easy upgrade for the 700R4 is to have a constant pressure valvebody which assists in a constant high pressure feeding the changing of gears. 

The T700 Gearbox has a case length of 23.5″ and a weights approx 78kg. The transmission case has 16 bolts for the pan and the case is made of Aluminium. Gear ratios are   1st: 3.059   2nd: 1.625    3rd: 1.00    4th: 0.696      Rev: 2.294

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400HP KIT Turbo 700 700R4 Street Rodder Transmission Package with Lock up Converter & accessorie

400HP Package + 1500-1700 RPM Torque Converter (lock up)

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650HP Turbo 700 TH700, 4 speed Automatic Transmission Kit, Torque Converter Package Holden 308 700R4

KIT T700 Transmission + 3000-3400 RPM Stall Converter

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