Chrysler 426 Hemi Pistons

Chrysler Mopar 426 HEMI Pistons - Forged

Pistons 426 Hemi pistons are Forged from high-silicon 4032 alloy for tighter, quieter running clearances. The 4032 Forging is perfect for Street/Strip builds, these 4032 pistons are the perfect choice for your street 426 Hemi. The all out race 426 Hemi Forged pistons are made from 2618 alloy which requires slightly more cylinder-to-piston clearance. These race forged 2618 pistons quite often are noisy on start up and can be annoying for Street cruising guys.

The valve pockets have been engineered so as to accommodate oversized valves and long-duration, tight lobe separation cams often found in the Chrysler 426 Hemi.

Need a Custom Forged Chryser 426 Hemi piston? We can do these too, please call. 



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