Ford C6 Transmisison

C6 Transmission for sale. See the range of the Ford C6 Transmission. The C6 auto transmission comes in basically 3 types and the main difference is the front bellhousings to suit the 3 different Ford engines: Ford Windsor/Cleveland, The Ford 460 Big Block and the Ford FE 390 428 Big Block. 

Ford C6 transmissions, ideal for drag racing, off-road use and all-round cruising. The C6 transmission is a durable design, tough features and incredibly reliable, easily maintained, and among the most user-friendly transmissions available.

The C6 Transmission was developed by Ford between 1966 and 2004. The C6 transmission outperforms its predecessors by offering greater torque capacity with less complexity and power loss. The C6 was called the "SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic," as it allows for which gear to star in. Beneficial for varied driving conditions, like snow.  The C6 has a reliable & robust three speed Simpson planetary gearset. To aid in shift quality and durability, The C6 was the first automatic transmission designed to use the Borg-Warner flexible shift band and It had disc clutch plates instead of bands on the low and reverse gears.

A built C6 transmission remains a dominant force in drag racing today, especially when equipped with a manual valve body, trans-brake and upgraded clutches.

Choose from our range of Ford C6 transmissions options of Cruising, Towing or Drag Racing robustness. C6 auto transmission for sale. 



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