6L80E LS3 Torque Converters

6L80E Torque Converters suit the GM Six Speed transmisisons produced late 2005 - Present.

These 6L80E Converters are found in the late model LS3 6 Speed - late VE, VF Commodores. They are originally made for the US market with the Camaro, Pontiac, Silverado and Cadillac.  Total Performance offers Hi Stall Torque Convertes with the "lock up" operation. 

SKU: 242980

Breakaway Stall Torque Converter w/ Billet Front for 6L80E, Lock UP VE VF Commodore.

Stall RPM: STD Stroke 2200-2400 / Strokers 2400 to 2600

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SKU: 242970

StreetFighter Hi Stall Torque Converter 2006 onwards GM 6L80E, Lock Up. VE VF Commodore.

Stall RPM: 3000-3400/Strokers 3400-3600 VE VF Commodore

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