The Holden 308 Oil Pump

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The Holden 308 Oil Pump.

Total Performance stocks high quality and the best Holden oil pump for the 253 304 308 and stroker Holden V8’s. These Holden V8 oil pump are all the same for the Red, Blue & Black engines.  Total Performance recommends the standard volume 308 oil pump is a must-have for any Holden V8. Specifically designed to increase reliability and efficiency, over the holden 308 high volume oil pump. The Holden 308 high volume oil pump puts too much load on the engine and is not needed. We understand the Holden V8 has oil pressure issues at idle, this can be rectified by using undersize -002" cam bearings, Lifter bore clearances & not exposing the wheel on roller cams. Also correct bearing clearances. 

The Holden V8 oil pump is more than just a part, it's a factor of reliability and lubrication. Don’t compromise your new build, check out our range of new Holden 304 308 Oil pump and drive gears.


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