Torque Converters - Powerglide & Trimatic

HI Performance Torque Converts for the GM Powerglide Transmissions and Holden Trimatic. 

Total Performance stocks all levels of Torque Converters for the GM Powerglide, from Street Cruising to Hi Stall Racing Converters. 

TCI are the Leading provider of high performance automatic transmissions, torque converters and drivetrain components for race, street/strip, cruise. 

*NOTE: the Powerglide Torque converters with the standard input shaft (not the Turbo input shaft) also suit the Holden V8 Trimatic. 


SKU: 741100

Powerglide + Trimatic Breakaway Stall Torque Converter 1962-73 Aluminum Case Powerglide + Holden Tri

STALL: Small Block: 2200 2400 - Big Block: 2400 to 2600

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SKU: 741000

StreetFighter Torque Stall Converter '62-'73 GM Powerglide Aluminium Case.

Stall: Low Tq 3000 to 3400 High Tq 3400 to 3600

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