Torque Converters, Flexplates & Flywheels Holden V8

Torque Converters, Flexplates and Flywheels to suit the Holden V8 253 & 304, 308. Red, Blue, Black Motors. 

The Holden V8's suffer from broken flexplates that fracture around the flange bolts, dont use the "plate" to fix this as it does not work, the fault is still behind this plate. We strongly recommend upgrading and replacing your OEM flexplate / Driveplate with the best flexplates in stock if you intend to increase the HP and Torque output of your Holden 308 V8. 

If you are after the late model Commodore with the LS platform or any of the Turbo Series transmissions, please also look under the Chevy GM Transmissions section as often these parts cross over. 

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Holden V8 Lightweight. Neutral balance

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Flywheel, Holden V8 253-308, steel, 153 Tooth Flywheel, Standard Weight

Holden V8 Standard Weight. Neutral balance

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Powerglide + Trimatic Breakaway Stall Torque Converter 1962-73 Aluminum Case Powerglide + Holden Tri

STALL: Small Block: 2200 2400 - Big Block: 2400 to 2600

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StreetFighter Torque Stall Converter '62-'73 GM Powerglide Aluminium Case.

Stall: Low Tq 3000 to 3400 High Tq 3400 to 3600

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