Total Performance stocks Performance Turbo 350 Automatic Transmissions. These TH350 Transmissions are rebuilt, Dyno tested and ready to bolt in. They range from 400hp to 775hp +.

The Upgraded TH350 Transmissions can come with standard or with Firmer Shifts and Heavy Duty Internals. The TH350 Transmission are suitable for both Big Block and Small Block Chevy engine applications. The Hi Performance TH350 builds are tough enough to withstand the rigors of the toughest street machines. You can also select automatic for friendly street cruisng and also full manual with a choice of Forward or Reverse shifter pattern. 

Different levels of build & performance are available for the Turbo 350 Transmissions. Below are just some of the upgrades on offer:  

• Special clutches & bands increase durability
• Improved lubrication system increases fluid sent to planetaries and internals

Extreme performance clutches and nitrided steel plates for enhanced performance.

The TCI 350 Transmssions include the Case Save upgrades as standard. 

•Extra-wide powerbands, where available, provide greater torque capacity, and more positive shifts and band apply
•Larger diameter servos increase band pressure which means more force on flex bands
•New sprags/roller clutches, enhanced hard parts and improved lubrication. 
•Increased thrust capacity and higher line pressure for extra firm shifts & greater torque capacity with less slippage

The Chevy Turbo 350 is also known as a T350 and TH350 Transmission. Perfect for the Holden turbo 350 transmission upgrade and swap.