Turbo TH700-R4 GM Transmissions

The GM Turbo TH700-R4 transmission is a 4 speed over drive automatic transmission. The 4th gear as an overdrive gear with a 30% increase. The GM TH700R4 transmission was made between 1982-1992 and is a popular conversion for early Holden V8 Commodore swaps and upgrades as the 700R4 is not electronically controlled. The 700R4 transmission is controlled by a "TV" cable that that acts like a throttle position sensor/Kick down. 

It has a case length of 23.5″ and a weights approx 78kg. The transmission case has 16 bolts for the pan and the case is made of Aluminium. Gear ratios are   1st: 3.059   2nd: 1.625    3rd: 1.00    4th: 0.696      Rev: 2.294