Total Torque: The Holden V8, A Comprehensive Guide to Holden 304 308 Performance Upgrades

Total Torque: The Holden V8, A Comprehensive Guide to Holden 304 308 Performance Upgrades main image Total Torque: The Holden V8, A Comprehensive Guide to Holden 304 308 Performance Upgrades image

Total Torque: The Holden V8, A Comprehensive Guide to Holden 304 308 Performance Upgrades

The Holden V8 has long been a favourite of Australian performance & muscle car enthusiasts. Whether it's a 253, Holden 308 or 304, these Aussie built power plants are ripe for performance upgrades! Total Performance offers strategic performance upgrades & packages that can lead to substantial increases in power and torque. Let's delve deeper into the world of Holden V8 engine parts and how to make your Lion roar louder on the road or at the track.

A Foundation of Power: Holden 355 Stroker Kits

When doing a Holden V8 rebuild, a great place to start for your Holden V8 performance upgrades is  a Holden 355 stroker kit. These Holden 304 stroker kit provides a notable displacement increase, resulting in enhanced torque and overall performance. Brands like Scat and Racetec & Autotec forged pistons are leaders in this field, couple this Holden355 stroker kit with a DRP Holden Flexplate & Powerbond harmonic balancers.  Total Performance offers in stock High quality Holden 308 stroker kit, designed for endurance, reliability and easy power performance upgrades.

Head for Success: Holden Cylinder Head and Camshaft Packages

The Holden V8 is a high-performance engine and that's where Holden 304 top end cylinder head and cam packages come in. A quality pair of Edelbrock Holden 304 cylinder heads or CNC ported Holden VN cylinder heads can bring about a significant increase in flow and power. Couple this with a camshaft upgrade from renowned brands such as Comp Cams, Crane & Crow Cams, you are sure to have the 500hp Holden 308 and more! Couple the camshaft with a set of Holden 304 308 Yella Terra Roller Rockers, you have a winning combination. Total Performance has known Holden 304 Heads & camshaft packages from great street torque through to out right race for strip. The secret is superior efficiency with matching components from camshaft timing events and compression to match.

Bump Sticks:  Holden Camshaft upgrades

At Total Performance has a wide range of Camshaft offerings for your 253 304 308 Holden V8. Total Performance stocks the Hydraulic Flat Tappet, Solid Flat Tappet and the growing popular Holden 304 Hydraulic Roller camshafts. If you need a Holden Solid Roller cam, we specialise in these with known grinds that work! From tough street to all out ¼ mile and race.

With our Camshaft packages, we have a wide range of high quality lifters. Comp Cams, Morel, Lunati, Johnson Crow Cams & Crower Lifters are another integral part of our Holden 304 performance upgrades when upgrading to a hydraulic roller or Solid Roller camshaft and your 308. The role they play in your engine's operation is crucial for achieving optimal performance and reliability. These comprehensive packages offer an array of performance enhancements, from increased horsepower to better throttle response

Manifold Magic: Bolt-on Upgrades

Bolt-on Holden manifold upgrades are an easy and cost effective way to improve your Holden 308 or 304's performance. Edelbrock, a leading name in the industry, provides a variety of bolt-on manifold upgrades. These Holden V8 top end kits, including our specialized Holden 304 top end kits, promise remarkable increases in both horsepower and torque, creating a dramatic effect on your 308 performance upgrade.

Light & Efficient: Holden Cylinder Heads – Alloy & CNC Ported

Upgrading Holden cylinder heads can make a substantial difference in how your V8 performs. The Holden 304 Alloy cylinder heads offer improved heat dissipation and are significantly lighter than conventional heads. The result? Enhanced 304 performance upgrade. Another option is to have the Holden 304 cylinder heads cnc ported for street to out-right performance. Total Performance has an offering of CNC porting factory Holden 304 cylinder heads, with power options of 500hp to 600hp plus. Can be fitted out with the high quality Ferrea Valves and Comp Cams valve springs and topped off with Holden Yella Terra Roller Rockers.

Light it up! - Holden 304 308 Ignition Systems

After all is done getting the air and fuel into your Holden V8, now you need to ignite the mixture. Total Performance stocks the ICE Ignition Holden 304 & 308 Distributors, leads and control box. We sell these also in kit form. The Ice Ignition Holden 304 & 308 kits are optimum for your Holden V8. They can come in with and without limiters and have a range of spark curves to match your camshaft characteristics. 

Beyond the Basics: Performance Packages

As we venture deeper into the realm of Holden V8 upgrades, it's worth discussing our Holden 304 head and cam package, boasting components from renowned brands like Comp Cams, Crane, and Yella Terra. and fuel efficiency.

Rebuilding Your Holden V8 - Quality Parts for Superior Performance

For those who wish to rebuild their engines, we offer a variety of Holden V8 engine parts. Among these are Holden 253 performance upgrades and 253 rebuild kits, providing everything you need for a successful 308 engine overhaul. From new gaskets and seals to pistons, rods, and bearings, our Holden 304 rebuild kits ensure that your engine rebuild process is as smooth and trouble-free as possible. At Total Performance, we stock high-grade Holden 304 engine parts from established brands like King bearings, ACL bearings, and Fel Pro gaskets and Ferrea Valves. These high quality components not only contribute to your engine's efficiency but also add to its longevity, ensuring you enjoy a smooth and trouble-free driving experience.

Total Performance – your best option for Holden V8 engine parts.

Maximising the full potential of your Holden V8 is more than just an upgrade—it's an exciting journey of discovery, performance enhancement, and the drive. With our extensive selection of Holden 308 performance upgrades and Holden 304 performance upgrades, you're set to create an engine that's powerful, efficient, and reliable.

Take your Holden V8 to the next level of performance with Total Performance today. Remember, the path to enhanced performance begins with choosing the right parts. We're here to guide you on this exciting journey. Let's build the high-performance Holden V8 engine you've always wanted.


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