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Bolt on power for your SBC 350: All About Roller Rockers and Their High-Octane Benefits

Total Performance stocks a wide range of the best SBC roller rockers.

Are you asking, "How much HP do roller tip rockers add?" With the correct valve train and optimal matching to your camshaft, roller rockers can coax an additional 15-20 horsepower out of your Small Block Chevy (SBC) 350. It's not just about increasing power, but also about the reliability and improved efficiency they bring to your ride.

If you're curious about the stock rocker ratio for SBC, it's traditionally a 1.5:1 ratio. However, switching to roller rockers allows you to play around with this ratio. Increasing the rocker ratio to the popular 1.6 roller rockers is an enticing option. By increasing the ratio, you are effectively increasing valve open time. From the moment the valve starts opening, the rate is increased as well as the overall lift. Most instances, boosting your valve lift and subsequently, the airflow in and out of the cylinders. This translates to a fatter torque curve and more horsepower.

If you're a fan of Crane SBC roller rockers, we are sorry to inform you they are no longer available. A superior option is the Comp Cams Ultra Golds, part numbers 19004-16 for the 1.5 ratio and Comp Cams 19005-16 for the 1.6 ratio. Other aluminium options are the Scorpion SBC roller rockers, you'll find options in the 1.6 ratio to amp up your SBC 350.

So, "Do roller tip rockers make a difference?" Absolutely! The roller tip design significantly reduces friction compared to traditional flat-tappet rockers, leading to less wear on the valve stem. This smoother, cooler operation is key to more efficient performance, which is why these roller tip rockers are a popular upgrade for the street guys.

What are the “Best SBC Roller Rockers” you ask? We are going to split this category into 2! That being the Best Stud mount SBC roller rockers and Shaft roller rockers. As the price differences between the 2 are night and day.

For the Stud mount category, the Best SBC roller rockers undoubtedly goes to the all-steel Comp Cams Ultra Pro Magnum XD series. This superior class of roller rockers is constructed from top-notch 8650 steel, making them enduring workhorses designed for high-stakes applications like drag racing and circle tracks. Boasting cutting-edge FEA & CAD development, precision needle bearings, and hardened roller tips, these rockers outpace and outlive their competitors. Their unique billet pushrod seat insert and 8650 steel build ensure unmatched durability and precision. Suitable for up to 1000 lbs of open spring pressure and backed by a lifetime warranty against breakage, these rockers echo sheer quality and reliability.

When it comes to Shaft Mount Rockers, top players like Jesel, Crower, T&D, Comp Cams, and Yella Terra have got your SBC shaft rockers covered. The shaft mount holds a significant edge over the stud mount, owing to a shared common shaft that secures the rockers, bolstering rigidity. This increased stability translates to more precise valve timing events, even at high RPMs, and an optimized valvetrain geometry. Perfectly suited for race engines clocking over 7,000 RPM, these shaft mounts deliver unrivalled performance. But keep in mind, this high-octane power doesn't come without a premium price tag!

Now, if you're asking, "Can you use roller rockers with a hydraulic flat tappet cam?" the answer is a resounding yes. However, it's important to keep in mind that roller rockers are a part of a larger performance upgrade and should ideally be combined with other modifications for the best results. Most instances you will need screw in studs as a minimum modification.

Vortec SBC roller rockers:  The factory Vortec rockers require self-aligning rocker arms and are a 1.52:1 in ratio. This means that the rocker locates itself on the valve tip with little tabs either side of the valve tip, rather than the traditional guide plate or slotted pedestal. Common performance upgrades are the roller tip Vortec rockers are the Comp Cams 1.6:1 Magnum roller-tip rockers PN 1418-16. We have had reports these made the most power upgrade on mild builds. Another common replacement upgrade for The Vortec heads are the Comp Cams self-aligning rocker arms, roller-tip Magnum rockers with the factory 1.52:1 ratio, PN 1417-16.

Remember, installing and adjusting roller rockers on an SBC is a procedure that requires precision. Whether you're dealing with easy self-aligning SBC 1.5 roller rockers or you're looking to install SBC 1.6 roller rockers for Vortec heads, you may need some help. Give the experienced sales team at Total Performance a call.

In a nutshell, the power boost roller rockers can bring to your SBC 350 engine is not to be underestimated. It' increasing the enjoyment of your muscle car, delivering both the exciting growl and the thrill of enhanced performance. Whether you're cruising the city streets or tearing up the track, roller rockers are a sure-fire way to make your ride stand out.


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