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LS1 LS2 LS3 OEM Upgrade Replacement drop in Performance Street 1.290" OD Beehive Valve Springs 1.800" Installed Height; 16 Springs

Performance Upgrade - .600" Max lift


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Comp Cams 26915-16 OEM factory Replacement upgrade valve springs for the LS1 LS2 LS3

LS1 (Cathedral port) LS3 (Square port) heads - 5.7L 6.0L 6.2L

Can use existing springs seats and retainers. 

Max Lift: 0.620"  (when installed at the normal height of 1.780")

Valve Spring Rate: 313 lbs/inch

Seat Pressure: 115 lbs @ 1.780"

Open Pressure:  300 lbs @ 0.600" lift

Valve Spring Coil bind: 1.100"

O.D. of Outer:    1.055/1.290"

I.D. of Outer:        .650/.885"

Spring Style:       Beehive

With a .600" maximum lift, these Beehive LS Valve Springs were designed for hydraulic roller cams. COMP Cams® Beehive™ Valve Springs deliver increased valve train stability and a much lighter valve train. This is achieved with less spring pressure for better valve control and reduced weight of both the spring and retainer. The unique Beehive™ shape handles valve train stress more efficiently to eliminate damaging harmonics and increases high RPM horsepower and durability. The oval/multi-arc wire shape places the maximum area of the wire at the point of highest stress to handle valve train stress more efficiently and allow better heat dissipation for longer life. Because of the unique Beehive™ design, the valve train can handle more RPM and more aggressive cam profiles.



SKU 26915-16
Barcode # 036584072676
Outer Bottom Spring Outside Diameter 1.29
Spring Rate 313
Number Of Springs 1
Seat Height 1.8
Outer Top Spring Inside Diameter 0.65
Coil Bind Height 1.1
Seat Pressure 105
outer bottom spring inside diameter 0.885
Outer Top Spring Outside Diameter 1.055
Valve Spring Series Performance Street
Damper No


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