Total Torque: A quick overview of Chevy 350 Cylinder head upgrades.

Author: Total Performance   Date Posted:16 June 2023 

Total Torque: A quick overview of Chevy 350 Cylinder head upgrades.  main image Total Torque: A quick overview of Chevy 350 Cylinder head upgrades.  image

TOTAL TORQUE: Unleash Maximum Power: Small Block Chevy Performance Cylinder Head Upgrades and Their Advantages

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If you're aiming to extract the utmost power from your Small Block Chevy 350 & 383 engine, upgrading the cylinder heads is an essential step. Cylinder heads play a crucial role in optimizing airflow, combustion efficiency, and overall performance. In this blog post, we will delve into the benefits of upgrading your Small Block Chevy's cylinder heads and explore the advantages that high-quality performance cylinder heads offer.

Section 1: Amplify Airflow for Unmatched Power

Upgrading your Chevy 350 cylinder heads is the key to unlocking increased airflow and significant power gains. High-quality performance cylinder heads are meticulously engineered with advanced port designs and precise valve angles to maximize airflow efficiency. By improving the intake and exhaust flow, these heads ensure improved horsepower, torque, and throttle response. Upgrading your cylinder heads is synonymous with unleashing the full potential of your Small Block Chevy weather it is a 350 or 383 or bored & stroked out to a 427!

Section 2: Optimal Combustion Efficiency for Peak Performance

Performance cylinder heads are designed to achieve exceptional combustion efficiency. With carefully engineered combustion chamber designs and valve configurations, these heads promote efficient fuel atomization and thorough combustion. By optimizing combustion, performance cylinder heads enhance power delivery, fuel economy, and overall engine efficiency. Experience the pinnacle of performance with upgraded cylinder heads. The SBC 350 heads suffer from poor spark plug location, the spark plugs often sit on the far side of the chamber and an inefficient “burn” is the result. This inefficient burn process is further enhanced when using any type of pop up domed piston. The DRP Small Block Chevy cylinder heads have fixed this issue by relocating the spark plug for optimum burn!

Section 3: Uncompromising Quality for Durability and Reliability

High-quality performance cylinder heads are constructed from premium aluminium materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure outstanding durability and reliability and hardness. Whether you're pushing your engine on the track or enjoying spirited drives on the street, performance cylinder heads provide the performance and dependability you demand. Invest in quality to ensure long-lasting and reliable engine performance.

Section 4: Seamless Installation and Bolt-On Compatibility

Upgrading your Chevy 350 cylinder heads is a seamless process thanks to their bolt-on compatibility. Designed to fit Small Block Chevy engines perfectly, most of these heads ensure a straightforward installation experience. Whether you're a seasoned mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, the user-friendly nature of performance cylinder heads ensures a hassle-free upgrade. Get back on the road with enhanced performance in no time. Buying assembled heads with a reputable name like the DRP, AFR, Edelbrock will give you confidence to bolt on without any further modifications.

Section 5: Unlocking Performance Potential with Future Modifications

Performance SBC cylinder heads serve as an excellent foundation for future enhancements. With their exceptional airflow and combustion characteristics, these heads can accommodate various modifications, including camshaft upgrades, intake manifold enhancements, and forced induction applications. Performance cylinder heads provide the flexibility to push your Small Block Chevy engine to new performance heights, allowing you to customize and optimize your setup to meet your goals.


Upgrade your Small Block Chevy's performance with cylinder head upgrades and experience the true power of your engine. High-quality performance cylinder heads offer unmatched benefits, including amplified airflow, optimal combustion efficiency, durability, and compatibility. With upgraded cylinder heads, you can unlock unparalleled power gains, whether you're racing, cruising the streets, or seeking an exhilarating driving experience. Invest in performance cylinder heads today and unleash maximum power in your Small Block Chevy.


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