Camshafts Solid Roller - LS Engines

These Solid Roller camshafts suit the Chevy LS1 LS2 LS3 engines. 

Solid or Mechanical Roller LS Camshafts. The Solid Roller is the popular choice for the very high powered and High revving Gen 3 LS. The applications are Drag Racing, Circuit Racing and Tough Street Machine.

These Mechanical Roller Camshafts are often agressive in lobe design for maximum power, however also maximim wear and tear. Upgraded Valve Train components are required when running a Mechanical Roller Camshaft. Total Performance do offer "Street Rollers" which are street friendly and softer, more forgiving on the valve train components. Look for the key words Street Roller. 

Total Performance is a Comp Cams dealer and stocks Comp Cams LS Solid Roller camshafts. Total Performance also specialises in Custom Cams, contact us if you wish to purchase a Custom Comp Cams LS Camshaft.