Camshafts 5.0L & 351 Windsor

This Category suits the Later model Ford Windsor Camshafts, Which is the 5.0L Roller motors and the 351 Windsors. This category has the 351W Firing order camshafts.

Ford Windsor Camshafts come in a few variants. All Windsor Camshafts fit the Windsor (OEM) blocks, however you have to be aware of the below differences when selecting your camshaft.  

  • Early Windsor Camshafts: The early Windsors came out with the 302 Windsor firing order. These Camshafts also have a smaller base circle lobe to suit the older style blocks. Plese look in the other category if you wish for the early firing order. 
  • Late Windsor Camshafts: The later Windsor Engine blocks often have a raised lifter valley to accomodate Roller Lifters, often referred to as a roller block. The camshafts have larger base circle camshafts and are made to suit the 5.0L & 351W firing order. 

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